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The Brookways curriculum encapsulates the five pillars above to allow for a well-rounded experience for our learners. It allows the broad application of skills and aims to allow them to acquire academic and practical knowledge, whilst simultaneously refining their social, emotional and communication skills.

The aim is to create an enjoyable and holistic learning experience, which allows them to prepare for life after school. Students have structured social time and frequent opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Trips and activities underpin both academic and social learning acquired in school. Homework is delivered in the form of ‘At Home Challenges’ which consolidates knowledge already acquired and prepares students for studies ahead, without adding pressure or anxiety to families and students.

The curriculum is broadly in line with the national curriculum but focuses on the specific needs and knowledge our students need to acquire in order to live independent and fulfilled lives. The focus of every day is to learn and grow.

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Five Pillars Curriculum

General Ethos

Relating to Self

Relating to Others

Managing Learning

Managing Situations