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Our curriculum is broadly in line with the National Curriculum and is flexible to meet the abilities, needs and interests of each individual young person. Literacy and numeracy is at the heart of the school day so that every child and young person has the strong foundations needed for learning and life. English, maths and science are taught to all young people in all key stages.

Social and communication skills are embedded in the curriculum with timetabled lessons focusing on social skills, turn taking, listening and responding. As well as formal, classroom learning we place a high value on learning beyond the classroom. We also specifically timetable trips to the park to build on the essential skills the young people learn in school, and to practice these in a real-life play environment. The young people are supported to go on regular trips and visits to a wide range of cultural, social and educational venues such as Laura can you please insert.

Brookways’ curriculum is designed and delivered so that children and young people engage with their learning. We foster a love of learning with a strong focus on the progress of every individual. We tailor the curriculum to meet the individual interests and needs of all of our children and young people.

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