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The curriculum intent is to engage all pupils with education in a positive way and develop their confidence and aspirations for the future. The curriculum is designed to give pupils a wide and varied range of learning experiences in different environments. This is intended to raise self-esteem, challenge pupils at an appropriate level and to help them enjoy learning and achieve positive outcomes.  As pupils’ progresses through the school the overall aims are to raise aspirations and to prepare pupils’ successfully for their futures. 


The personalised curriculum provided at Wings, aims to build on strengths and to reduce barriers to learning within an environment in which pupils’ feels safe. A high rate of progress is achieved by ensuring that staff have the knowledge and resources to deliver engaging lessons and that they have an understanding of the key approaches to be used with individuals.  Success is celebrated through whole school assemblies and pupils are proud of their achievements. The successful implementation of the curriculum will provide all pupils with positive memorable experiences of education.  It will ensure that pupils achieve a range of outcomes to enable them to make a successful transition to the next phase of their education, training or employment.


At Wings success is measured and celebrated in a variety of ways.  Social and emotional progress is considered as important as academic progress. Through using the Boxall Profile bespoke programmes are implemented to improve social and emotional skills and approaches are devised to reduce barriers to learning due to difficulties in these areas. Attendance and engagement are tracked on a daily basis through school points and celebrated during whole school assemblies. Evidence towards personal outcomes are collected as part of the IDP document. The overall impact of the curriculum is based on pupils being successfully prepared for the next phase of their education, training or employment.

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