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The Kedleston Group has a governance body made up of a senior team who oversee, Safeguarding and Compliance, Health and Safety and Estate Management, Human Resources and Training, Financial Management, Strategic Partnerships, the Quality of Education and the Quality of Care. The Senior Team are experienced education and care professionals who provide the organisation with the scrutiny and challenge required to ensure that the young people we support are educated and cared for safely and appropriately. Each school and home has termly governance meetings and the findings, actions and outcomes are reported at Board level.

Governance and SafeguardingThe Head of Safeguarding and Compliance oversees the rigorous safeguarding arrangements across the group, ensuring they are compliant with each Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and other regulatory and statutory boards. The Head of Safeguarding and Compliance chairs termly school and residential safeguarding meetings ensuring all concerns are dealt with and responded to appropriately. The Head of Safeguarding and Compliance reports directly to the Safeguarding Overview Committee which meets monthly and is chaired by a non-executive Director who reviews all safeguarding issues across the group. The Safeguarding Overview Committee reports monthly to Kedleston Group Board.

The robust governance and safeguarding arrangements ensure that lessons learnt and examples of good practice are shared across the group. We continually review our systems in order to and strengthen the awareness of staff and protect the young people in our care.

Our schools are registered with the Department for Education (DfE) and our children’s homes and residential special schools are registered by Ofsted. All of our provision is inspected by Ofsted and the reports for care and education can be foundon each school or home page or by visiting the Ofsted website at 

Download the Safeguarding Child Protection Policy for each of our provisions by clicking on this link - CLICK HERE