Referrals: 0800 0246 985
Enquiries:  020 3823 3030
Referrals: 0800 0246 985
Enquiries:  020 3823 3030

High Peak School Cheshire ~ Principal: David Glaves
01663 721731

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High Peak outcomes aniimatedHigh Peak School Cheshire, is registered as a residential special school by the Department of Education.  Placements can be flexible, built around the individual needs of the children. In addition to full time placments the school can offer day placements for children and young people who live locally.

The school building is divided up to provide specialist co-ed residential schooling and specialist gender specific residential placements for children and young people aged nine to 18 years. The school also has places within its day school provision for children and young people from the age of seven years, who live locally. 

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Children and young people who come to High Peak School may be struggling with social and emotional problems with or without mental health difficulties. They may also come because they are challenged by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and dyspraxia or moderate and specific learning difficulties. High Peak School works with children and young people who are on the autistic spectrum disorder including Asperger’s syndrome and those who have communication and sensory difficulties. The school successfully supports children and young people with attachment disorders or those who have been victims of abuse.

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Please contact the school directly for the full postal address

T: 01663 721 731

Principal: David Glaves

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