Referrals: 0800 0246 985
Enquiries:  020 3823 3030
Referrals: 0800 0246 985
Enquiries:  020 3823 3030

Leaways School ~ Head Teacher: Richard Gadd
Theydon Road, Clapton, London, E5 9NZ
020 8815 4030

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Leaways School is an independent special school based in Clapton, in the London borough of Hackney. The school is designated as a school for students with social emotional and mental health needs (previously termed as social, emotional and behavioural difficulties). The school roll has students with various educational and social needs, including children with ADHD, ASD, ODD, SLCD, dyslexia and dyspraxia and is willing to consult with prospective parents and carers through our partnership boroughs to offer places where they are deemed suitable. The school takes boys and girls aged from ten to 17 years.

The school follows the national curriculum where it is deemed appropriate and personalises timetables for all students. There is an opportunity for mainstream inclusion through links and partnership with local colleges. The school fundamentally believes in opportunities for reintegration into mainstream education where deemed appropriate by all stakeholders.

Children are supported in very small class sizes and curriculums are tailored to meet their needs and abilities. Their individual curriculum is designed to take each individual child’s own educational needs into account and maximise their opportunities for success. Students enjoy access to an extensive range of imaginative learning opportunities which capture and sustain their interest and a range of qualifications including GCSEs are available for study and achievement.

The school offers Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology and Occupational Therapy and has regular access to behaviour and attendance services.

The focus is on helping children and young people reach their potential and give them the best opportunities to do so.

At Leaways School we have a value-based approach to education and we focus strongly on pastoral care and family support. We have family liaison workers who each have a small group of students assigned to them. These team members mentor students throughout their time at the school and work directly at home and with families to encourage a positive relationship between the family, student and school. The school provides a safe and creative learning environment for children for whom mainstream education has not met their needs. We aim to maximise the opportunities available for all children, and develop bespoke curriculums to assist them progress in ways most appropriate for them.

Identifying students’ needs

All students are referred to the school through a local authority/ borough. On referral the school makes a decision to offer placement based on the need of the individual. The school will follow up any offer with an appointment for the student to visit the school with either parent/carer or responsible adult. The school has an open dialogue with referring stakeholders about the needs of the individual. The school assesses all students on placement through baseline testing in academic areas and through diagnostic testing where deemed necessary. The school works with its Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language therapist and Occupational Therapist to assess students and build programmes and packages for them that can be successful.

Dedicated contacts in the school

Richard Gadd – Head Teacher

John Jackson – Assistant Head/Pastoral Manager (designated safeguarding officer)

Allison Mclaren – Assistant Head/Curriculum Manager

Charlene Eltis – Office Manager

Phone: 020 8815 4030

Involving students and parents/carers in planning support

All stakeholders are consulted in the process of our student's education. The school provision map outlines the range of range of opportunities available for students. Click here to see our School Provision map.

Students, parents and carers are invited into the school to discuss needs and expectations as part of the referral process of the school. All students at the school have regular progress meetings with all stakeholders expected to attend. The school has three open days a year for parent/careers to attend. IEP reviews are held at least once a term and the education, health and care plan is reviewed annually at the school. At all of these meetings the views of students and parent/carers are recorded and where appropriate acted upon. The school endeavours to have a constant, regular and open dialogue with parents/carers regarding our students’ progress and concerns at the school.

Support of Medical needs

The school has a dedicated area for medical need and is directly connected to the medical centre in close proximity.

Measuring students’ progress, achievement and accreditation

All students are baseline tested on arrival. The school uses various processes for to measure progress on a daily, weekly, half termly, termly and annually. The school uses electronic data tracking, classroom monitor, to analyse its data and keep a comparison to national levels. Students have a range of accreditation that they can access with the school encouraging appropriate examination routes.

Support and training for school staff

All staff have access to a comprehensive internal training schedule for continued professional development. Staff are encouraged to study for further qualifications across the whole school including degree and postgraduate courses

School resources

The school is resourced for purpose. Curriculum areas are appropriately set up and have generous budgets to keep up with technological change. The school has specialist areas for Catering, Design and Technology, ICT suite, Apple Mac suite, live recording studio, science lab, full commercial kitchen and gym. Classrooms are well decorated and are created to support the curriculum being delivered. The school has high quality security systems in place.

The school buys in services that support the students and curriculum including behaviour and attendance officers, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapist and subject advisors where required.

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