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Referrals: 0800 0246 985
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Great Olsen Bake Off


Great Olsen Bake Off

The young people at Olsen house have been competing in their class groups throughout the 2nd half of autumn term.

They have been rolling up their sleeves up as well as their rolling pastry to create some absolutely beautiful baked good to win the chance to become the schools Star Baker.

So far they have created some lovely custard cream biscuits, flaky and full of flavour sausage rolls and some fruity blueberry muffins (which were lovely with a nice cup of tea). The young people are finishing off the half term making Mr Fraser’s Grannies Cheese scone recipe, making decorated gingerbread houses and decorating their own Christmas cakes using fondant icing to make 3D designs.

Mr Fraser and Miss Williams have had a great time during the half term tasting and judging the food before the children are given the chance to show off their food to other staff throughout the school.

They have shown fantastic skills throughout the half term and are continuing to work towards their Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills BETC Level 1 and 2 qualifications.

Everythings looks delicious! 


Bake Off 1

Bake Off 2

Bake Off 3

Remembrance at Olsen House, Liverpool


Remembrance Commemorations at Olsen House, Liverpool

Olsen House School marked Remembrance Day this year with a very special display at the front of school.

Pupils made a variety of different poppies, some for the flowerbeds and some for the front door. Miniature soldier silhouettes were created by Bluebird unit.

After reading a range of war time poems, everyone decided to choose lines that they felt meant something to them or had a specific significance to the young people. 

Some staff and young people constructed a silhouette of a soldier. They have named him Tommy. He was one of the four thousand volunteers who enlisted with The Kings Regiment known as The Liverpool Pals. Three thousand of the four thousand that signed up were either lost or injured in action during the fighting in France and Belgium.

Local people and neighbours near to school have commented about the display and admired the work the young people have done.

Rem 1

IMG 0278

IMG 0279

IMG 0281

IMG 0282

Science Experiments at Olsen House


YP experiement 1

During this half term the young people at Olsen House have been making crystals using Copper chloride salts, making them into a solution and then filtering the solution to make a pure crystal.

The young people have used many practical skills in this experiment and were very proud of their results.

Some were happy to display their achievements and they have shown their peers, teachers, support workers and then took them home to show off there.

This experiment can be done pretty quickly by using a Bunsen burner to evaporate the liquid off and make the crystal form instantaneously. However, our young people waited patiently for their liquid to evaporate in the old fashioned way just by leaving them near an open window.

In some cases this took several days for the process to happen and I am very proud of the patients they displayed and the amount of enthusiasm and pride in their work.

I can honestly say that everyone who took part in this experiment has learned some excellent practical skills and some very valuable life skills. Well done everyone!!!!!

The crystals look really pretty too.


Olsen House visit Devil's Gorge


Main School and Bluebird Visit to Devil’s Gorge – November 1st 2018


Young people from Olsen House Y5 to Y11 visited Loggerheads Country Park and walked up (then down!) to Devil’s Gorge. They persevered through the autumn leaves with a range of experience and abilities in hiking – that was just the staff!

Everyone displayed a positive overall attitude to the excursion and listened to staff. They all made it as far as the bridge over the gorge and had a great picnic by the river.

Behaviour on the transport was excellent and the young people also learnt some history, geography and science throughout the day. There was great communication between the young people of all ages, staff and within different and unfamiliar peer groups.

Most were visiting this area for the first time and would like to return to climb Moel Famau as soon as possible and make it to the McDonald’s! Well done to all who went on this visit.



Fundraising at Olsen House

Isabella Trust

Olsen House School Raising money for the Isabella Trust

As part of the 1st half term of the 2018/19 Enrichment program at Olsen House the young people of Key Stage 3 have been raising money for the Isabella Trust, a foundation that helps individuals living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing disorder live a good quality of life.

The Charity was chosen by our young people after a vote in which all the young people involved made a suggestion of a charity that they would like to represent during the half term and presented it to the class. Other charities suggested was the RSPCA, Freshfield animal rescue, The Gavi Fund, Claire House Children’s Hospice.

The Young people spent the first week planning how they were going to raise money for the charity and came up with 3 ideas which were making home picked and homemade jam and relish, a cake sale and a sponsored walk.

The Young people went to a ‘pick your own’ farm in Warrington called Kenyon Farm where they picked fresh raspberries and sweetcorn and they demonstrated great team work and social interaction skills throughout the day and learnt where there fruit and vegetables come from. When they got back to school the young people made the relish from the sweetcorn and jam from the raspberries showing great food technology skills that they had learnt previously in their lessons.

The young people held a cake sale which was a great success and not only did they develop many skills towards their Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills qualification that they had been working towards but they also developed many social skills including teamwork and communication.

The young people made Angel Cakes, Brownies, Victoria Sponges, Macaroons and Cookies. The Young people finished the day by working to sell the baked goods to the staff at Olsen House and also took the opportunity to sell the jam and relishes from the week before.

Next week the young people are doing a sponsored walk to the summit of Moel Famau and back. Which they also planned. Good luck with the walk and look forward to hearing how it all goes…..







Museum of Liverpool - Olsen House


Olsen House Bluebird class visited the fantastic Museum of Liverpool on Friday 9th November.

The museum staff were very welcoming and friendly in the WW1 exhibition, which was the focus of the trip. The introduction video was “Quite gruesome and informative,” said one of the young people who thoroughly enjoyed it! There were many WW1 exhibits including the uniform and guns which the young people were very interested in – especially the younger ones. Everyone enjoyed the steam train and one young people claimed that the steam train video was ‘Delicious!’

All of the young people used the interactive exhibits. Those in Key stage 2 spent time building a fantastic tramway, whilst an older Key stage 4 young person contributed a note to the LGBGT wall dedicated to a friend from a previous school.

All decided the Museum of Liverpool is well worth a visit and one even said that the trams were” the most exciting things he had seen!”



Man of the Match at Olsen!



On 29th September 2018 Kian from Bluebird Base in Olsen House School made his debut representing Deeside Dragons Junior Ice Hockey Team.

Not only did he score a goal he was also awarded man of the match. Well Done Kian!


Kian Consent Given1

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