Referrals: 0800 0246 985
Enquiries:  020 3823 3030
Referrals: 0800 0246 985
Enquiries:  020 3823 3030

Wings School Notts ~ Principal: John Gibbon
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Wings Notts outcomes aniimatedWings School Notts is registered as a residential special school by the Department of Education,  Placements are flexible and developed around the individual needs of each young person. In addition to full time placements for young people from nine to 17 years, the school offers day placements for those who live locally.  Wings Notts is rated Good for Education and Outstanding for Care,

The school promotes the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, enabling them to achieve in education, enjoy social activities, have positive relationships and feel empowered and supported to take care of themselves physically and emotionally as they make the transition towards independent living.

The team is psychology-led and also includes Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Speech and Language Therapy. The team is trained to deliver trauma therapies EMDR and (trauma focused) CBT, attachment based therapies dyadic developmental psychotherapy and therapy and draw upon newer emerging approaches for this population such as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.

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We believe this approach helps young people reach their full potential in all aspects of life. Our ethos is not to look at what is “wrong” with a young person, but to look at what has happened in their lives which may be contributing to their difficulties.

The provision offers continuity of care, education and clinical support for young people who may have an emerging mental health problem and in previous times needed to access CAMHS and other mental health support services.

The school’s clinical model is embedded in the principles and values of the NICE guidelines for looked after children and young people. It was developed using the principles of the Attachment, Regulation and Competencies (ARC) framework (Blaustein & Kinniburgh, 2010).

This ARC framework helps to identify key targets of intervention for young people who have been exposed to trauma and adverse experiences in their young lives. Working from a “bottom up” approach, we address four core areas.  These core areas span through attachment needs and relationships, working with young people to develop positive and safe relationships, emotional regulation, working on skills and impulse control before moving to resolution of trauma. As well as working with young people individually, the MDT also work with staff to ensure practice and therapeutic approaches are embedded into every day engagement with the children, not just during therapy sessions. This holistic and wraparound approach provides the basic building blocks of support which can address the effects of early trauma for young people in our care.

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Wings School Notts

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Principal: John Gibbon

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