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Achieving outcomes which make a difference.....

Kedleston Group work in partnership with families, children and young people to create good outcomes for those who have found it difficult to learn in the past. With a range of schools and residential placements across England, children and young people are helped to gain the confidence they need to achieve.  Pupils are taught in small classes by highly skilled teachers with learning packages tailored to meet their needs. Kedleston are proud to have worked with children and young people who have surpassed all expectations, engaged in education and obtained qualifications which have resulted in them going on to university, further education or employment.                                                                                                               

The residential schools which also offer day placements provide education and care, enhanced with additional clinical and therapeutic support. There is a multi-disciplinary offering comprising of professionals with a range of clinical backgrounds and experiences from within child and mental health services to help us provide bespoke care packages and meet the complex needs of this group of young people. 

Kedleston children's homes provide safe, caring and homely environments where the emotional, physical and social needs of children and young people can be met and where they are supported to attend external education provisions.  Within the homes, staff support and mentor the children and young people to learn skills for life and independence, in readiness for them to move along their chosen path.


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