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Welcome to Arc Oakbridge School, Birmingham

Our school offers a calm, low arousal, safe, positive and nurturing place where young people can learn and grow.

The specially designed, safe learning environment supports young people with a primary need of high functioning autism (ASC), including Asperger’s Syndrome and associated complex needs. 

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Welcome to Arc Oakbridge School, Birmingham

Latest News

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'Good in all areas' Oakbridge's first Ofsted...

Our new school in Birmingham has received its first Ofsted inspection and we are rated...

Loren's email gets two bikes for Oakbridge

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Success Stories

One parent discusses her experience with Arc...

I had been looking for schools that could meet my son’s needs and I was starting to wonder...


“The school is amazing and staff are all lovely and friendly. Would definitely recommend to others.”

“Now this is one facility which we should be shouting a little more about, a school for those young people with higher levels of autism, who can have difficulties in coping in mainstreams.”

“Walking in the door is where I knew I had done the right thing. You forget where you are. The school is small and ideal for children on the spectrum and they even have a dog Edie who is always happy to greet visitors and loves a fuss. She has been a key part in helping my son and even came for the tour with us.”

“Each room is designed with low arousal in mind. No busy over-stimulating walls, quiet areas for the children and individual work stations.”

Contact Information

01212 225201

Buckingham Street, Birmingham, B19 3HU

Headteacher: Phil Petch