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DBT approach at High Peak School

In July 2017, a team of staff from High Peak School attended an extensive training course in a therapy which will help them support the young people in their care. The course will also help them become one of the first in the UK to embed the therapy on a whole school basis.

The course, on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), was delivered by two of the leading researchers in the field - Dr James Mazza and Dr Elizabeth Dexter-Mazza.

The team of 11 were taught about DBT skills which have been demonstrated to be effective in helping adolescents manage difficult emotional situations, cope with stress, and make better decisions. The three-day workshop presented an innovative social–emotional learning (SEL) curriculum designed to be taught in schools.

High Peak will be one of the first English schools to adopt a whole school approach to embed the programme into the curriculum. Training staff to teach skills in mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

DBT HighPeak july17

Pictured are James and Elizabeth, Principal David Glaves, Dr Berit Ritchie, Dr Sahana Olety and Kat Humpreys (SENCo) from High Peak.

Activities and 2017 awards for Wings School Notts

Wings Notts Awards 2017

On 25th July 2017, Wings School Notts hosted their end of term award ceremony.  The awards day followed a trip to Alton Towers by pupils who, Kevain Parsons, Head of Education said made him so proud.  The pupils had fun on some of the biggest rides and their behaviour and manners were outstanding. The awards day was attended by care, education, support and administrative staff as well as Lee Reed, Kedleston Group’s Chief Operating Officer who brought some visitors to the school to see the awards being given. 

Awards presented included: Most Improved Pupil, Outstanding Progress, Highest Achiever, Expert of the Year, Dedication to Group, Tutor Awards and Best Good Egg along with an Outstanding Bravery Award for one pupil who overcame fear to ride “Rita” at Alton Towers.  Both care and education teams had awards to hand out such as Best Contribution in School, along with some joint awards like Self-Management and Personal Development.  Prizes included cash, gift vouchers and of course trophies for all the winners. 

Picture: Mr Parsons, Head of Education at Wings School Notts presenting Elizabeth with the Kirklington Hall Cup for Best Contribution in School and overall Pupil of the Year 2017.

The Zoo Visits Arc School Napton!


There were some special visitors to Arc School Napton recently. A mobile zoo visited and the children enjoyed meeting the exotic animals. The zoo is a regular visitor to the school and the children were delighted to welcome their old friends back.

The zoo visitors included a chinchilla, a corn snake, a large tortoise called Tiny, a flying squirrel, a bearded dragon and some other creatures for good measure. A great time was has by all!

A sports day to remember at High Peak

High Peak Sports Day

On Tuesday 18th July, High Peak School hosted its annual end of term sports and fun day.  Pupils took part in dizzy penalty shorts, bean bag throwing, welly wangling, water balloon race (pictured) and basketball to name a few activities.  The weather was great, all the pupils enjoyed time on the bouncy castle, eating burgers followed by a trip to the school from the local ice cream van. 

At the end of the day Mr Glaves, the Principal, gave out trophies for the winners and each pupil and every member of staff received a medal.  There were prizes for Best Sports Personality and Best Team Sports Personality. 

Sculpture Workshops at Wings School Notts

SculptureWings School Notts are running weekly Sculpture Workshops at as part of several new developments within the Art Department. Pupils have been developing their skills In clay modelling around a wire frame and papier mache modelling using willow to build the shapes.

There has also been soapstone carving and print and mask making using clay and mixed media.

This summer the school plans to construct earth sculptures around the grounds based on local wildlife, flora and fauna. These will complement some of the wire sculptures of birds they have already completed.

The classes have proved very popular with excellent attendance from all groups showing bags of enthusiasm and having fun which is vital to the pupils learning experience and well-being.

Wings School Notts Primary Class "Readathon"

ReadathonIn July 2017, four pupils from the brand new primary class at Wings School Notts successfully fund raised.  The have completed a "Readathon" in order to raise monies to make their new classroom have its own personal touch. 

They read 21 books in 7 days and have written 21 book reviews.  Staff, other pupils and families sponsored the class in their efforts.  They raised £375 which the parent organisation, Kedleston, have matched to bring the total up to £750. 

The pupils were consulted on what they would like to spend the money on and they all agreed to a shopping trip to choose more books, games and other recreational resources for them to enjoy.  Well done everyone!

What do you call your snails?

ASN Snails

Pupils at Arc School Napton have been taking very special care of some extra special visitors to the school. The students have been learning how to take care of two giant snails. The two snails have very exotic names which have been gleaned from the world of literature.

The two “ladies” have been named after popular Harry Potter characters and are called Sybill (after Divination teacher Sybill Trelawney) and Nymphadora (in tribute to Nymphadora Tonks).

It is a busy time for the pupils as they prepare for the Boys Dance final performance, school photographs and Graduation Ceremony, amongst other fun activities, all before the summer break!